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november 12
Two weeks to go until SOMA México final show.
Here we go …

(photo preview of Because the Night @CabaretKabuki)

october 28

october 2
puede ser que aún no sea noviembre
but october, sure

september 4
vid from performance rehearsal! we performed in front of this video projection in the space…
live video coming soon <3

Quickstep Ball-Change at Casa Maauad from Kristin Reger on Vimeo.

august 27

june 23

A write-up on Orb / Orbe1 by Marina Garcia-Vasquez was featured on The Creators Project today!

Check it out here!

june 1
I took part in the HELIO workshop marathon at Alumnos 47 this weekend. So fun!
I gave a workshop, with Chavis Mármol, called "Vestuario Escultrual" aka "Sculptural Costume".
Here's an Instagram shot from one of the 8 costumes students created in an hour.

may 21
Updating the website at lot! There are some new projects (costumes for two bodies, vanitas, tres torres), as well as the announcement that I am launching a textile consulting company (TROPIC), and hence moving my print and crafty works to a new site in June!

Also, check out this stellar image of the Orb / Orbe 1 Install (courtesy of PJ Rountree). Through June 26 at Casa Maauad, Mexico City!

may 18
orb / orb 1 is up on the internet! check it out here.
it's also featured on somamexico.org (this week only!) and recessanalog.org (until july 1) as part of Official Office

may 15
opening at Casa Maauad was a smash hit!
here's an instagram shot from Cristina Ochoa of the performance. PJ Rountree captured it all, so high res images and video will be up soon.

may 1

screening orb/orbe 1 and performing at Casa Maauad!
new costumes underway...

april 17
Gella and I will be exhibiting Orb 1 / Orbe 1 at CASA MAAUAD here in Mexico City. Opening is May 14th!

march 24

photo by @mexnthecity via instagram

Thanks to mexnthecity.com for their studio visit yesterday!
I'm one of the artists profiled in their project about female creatives in DF.

Can't wait to see how it turns out!

february 19

So happy to (finally!) be curating Soma's videos for Official Office at Recess in New York!

february 15

finally through filming orbe 1.
will screen in ny & mx later this year!
this photo (from our last shoot at the nevado de toluca) by ms. anamaya farthing-kohl.

december 31
happy ny

december 18
the project continues.
a green monster creeping around the mexican moon.
now it's break time, xmas, américa.

december 3
some teeny tiny peephole glimmers at what has been going on with Orbe 1 costumes / filming.
(check the new material girl page for some studio shots.)

september 22
hey internet. not dead, no.
working hard on "Orbe 1".
making lots of very large complicated costumes + filming all over mexico.
feeling like this!

june 13

↑ new scarves at Saffron! Hand dyed silk chiffon / crepe de chine.
Colors are neon orange / white, chocolate/ creme, berry/ canary and chartreuse/ rust (ninja turtle).
(Modeled by my sweet German mama and Omi in Chicago.)

may 4
Reception was a hit! Thanks for coming out.

Photo by Marcela Rico via Instagram.

More on the event.

april 25
Film turned into a three-channel video installation. Check it.


april 10
video's going to be called reconquista. come see the screening-installation-results:
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

APRIL 23rd at 5:30PM at SOMA
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


april 8
Making a video, wreaking havoc upon Mexico City.

(photo by Laetitia Jeurissen)

april 7
I'm getting really busy and kind of famous.
Time to have a news page.
Welcome to 2000 something, Kristin.